You deserve to have hope for a better life.

Jay gives you personal and spiritual advice hoping to help you find the answers to your questions, whatever they may be.  Life can be very difficult, but there are many answers available from different sources. 

50-Minute Consult - $160

25-Minute Consult - $90

25 -Minute Intensive Consult with Free Energy Work - $250

awakener, enhancer, and creation's historian

Jay is world-renowned for his energy enhancements that make your own abilities stronger.

Jay sees all energy forms and your frequency

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50 -Minute Intensive Consult with Free Energy Work - $350

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We regret to inform you that Jay will permanently cease taking consultations of any kind some time in August this year.

 It's time for him to go back home to the 2nd dimension, other side, heaven, or whatever you prefer to call it.  He's leaving after he finishes releasing all the knowledge he can about what's actually happening everywhere and a basic summary of what exists in other dimensions that we can't see.  Those of you who already know Jay understand that you can just relax, think of him, and he's there with you.  He said you'll probably see him in the image of a simple old man in overalls.


Jay will be available until the first week of August to speak at your next spiritual event or seminar.  

A minimum of 100 guests required and $125 per guest to Open Awareness.

Just a reminder:  Being near Jay is like getting a mini-crank up!